Why choose Innovate Health?

We are the right partner with more than 10 years experience in delivering innovative digital healthcare solutions.

Innovation Experts

Proven track record to help deliver market ready innovative healthcare digital solutions.

Feasibility Study

Carry out a detailed feasibility study to establish the correct pathway for your digital healthcare solution.

AI & Machine Learning

Providing predictive analysis of patient health status using AI and Machine Learning.

Software Development

Premium code quality at every stage, Compliance with IEC 62304 & Rigorous quality assurance.

Our Work

Baby Check App – lullaby Trust


New parents can find it very difficult to judge the severity of small babies illness. A four year project analysed the symptoms of 1,000 babies below the age of six months culminating in the Baby Check App to provide support to parents of young babies.

Chronix – Poo Fighter


Assessing the symptoms of paediatric patients is difficult but even more
so when those symptoms are to do with bowel movements. So we developed
an app to help children keep track of the symptons and Poo Figher was born.
However the underlying technical framework can be applied across multiple
chronic conditions.

Our Clients