Disability Living Foundation

Develop an end-to-end solution for Occupational Therapists working for the Disability Living Foundation to enable them to deliver better care and reduce administrative burden.

Disability Living Foundation provides training and materials for occupational therapists across the UK. The traditional approach in the OT (Occupational Therapy) sector involves producing a printed plan for each patient.

Recording patient wellbeing as well as tasks means that Occupational Therapists were using a significant amount of time on administration, creating huge inefficiencies.

We were engaged as DLF recognised that technology could create internal inefficiencies whilst improving patient wellbeing.

What we did:

The drawbacks of a paper-based system were many, including time inefficiency,  lack of flexibility when plans need updating, and the plans not being unique to each patient.

We mapped out DLF’s internal requirements of OT’s and built a platform that was wrapped around daily challenges. This lived across the web and mobile applications – allowing the recording of day to day procedures, automating administrative burdens.

Core functionality:

  • Allowing OT’s to record patient procedures like bathing, feeding etc and set alerts (SMS/Push notifications) automatically in a back-end system
  • Creation of a PDF report for each handout such as bathing, sleeping etc.
  • Each patient has a unique handout and timings
  • Ensured the app was user-friendly with a user guide easily digested by 1000’s of OTs across the country
  • Secure login and secure storing of patient information