Start date: 20.11.2017
End date: 29.11.2017

About us About the project
Digital health technology has become a new health care revolution that empowers consumers to make better-informed decisions about their health. At Innovate Health, we recognize this revolution and are reimagining our oversight of digital health technology to help provide health organisations / patients with timely access to high-quality, safe, and effective digital health products. Considering the above details, we aim to design and develop a very innovate Dementia based app which will be at the forefront of innovative medical technology domain.

Dementia is a chronic illness that is huge in UK . The solution that we want to develop represents a web-based portal for carers looking after dementia patients. The portal will allow the carers to add the patients’ schedule on the portal like medication dosage and other activities. The portal will communicate with Amazon Echo/ Alexa through a API and will convey and transmit all the instructions to patients as a voice instruction. Also, there will be options for patients to ask certain questions and the answers will be provided from the portal knowledge base.

We welcome all applicants that have the knowledge and expertise to develop this project with us, so if you are interested, please send us your details as requested below and we will get back to you shortly: